The FamilyGo application is available in two versions. You can select the right package for you and a convenient payment schedule.

The Family Package

The Family Package is made for people who care about the safety of their friends and loved ones. The following features are available in this package:

  • Display the current locations of group members on the map
  • Geofencing
  • Select a maps provider (Yandex, Google, Mapbox, and OSM)
  • Group Chat
  • Setting and managing tasks within a group
  • Kid mode
  • Driver safety control

The Business Package

This package is geared towards professional users who want to ensure maximum protection and confidentiality for their communications and movements. In addition to the Family Package functions, Business Package users can turn off geolocation and choose not to display their location, making their movements invisible to other group members.

How is the FamilyGo app different from other services?

  1. The app does not require registration or sending any kind of personal data.
  2. The app does not store data about user locations or movements. All of that information is encrypted and located only on the users’ devices. Data exchanges between users are encrypted and take place directly between members of the same group.
  3. The server functions only to exchange keys between users in the same group.
  4. We use the Signal Protocol

You can find a detailed description of all app functions in the User Manual.

Demo Period

After launching the app for the first time, every user will have 14 days of free access to the Business Package. During this period, you can evaluate and test the app’s functions without restrictions. If for some reason you do not want to use the application at the end of the demo period, we will be grateful for any feedback you can provide that will help us improve the service. At the end of the demo period, or when your subscription expires, you can continue to use the application’s SOS button for free.

SOS Button Mode

This mode is available to all users who have downloaded the app. You can receive or send an alarm signal to members of your group, regardless of whether you have a paid subscription or the free demo version. The alarm button widget and push notification will remain on your device’s lock screen. Alarm signals will still be sent to the chat, and the location of the event will be displayed on the map.

However, the application’s other functions will be blocked!

You can find a short description about installing the SOS button here.