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Chat with friends and loved ones independently and autonomously


All group members on one map


Communicate safely and easily


Instantly signal for help




Want to protect your private life from the view of strangers? Nobody has to know about your relationships, your loved one, or who you’re meeting with — even those closest to you.

Step 1. Create a closed circle that includes only you and the other person. Invite someone close to you to a chat. Communicate, exchange photos, have video calls, and make plans together.

Step 2. Set a timer for auto-deletion of your messages. Now all messages from the app will regularly and automatically be deleted, as well as files and even meta-data, such as the time and location of sending a message. It will be impossible to restore the information.

Step 3. Turn off the tracking function for other groups in the app. Now you’ll be sure that your route will be known only to one person chosen by you.

Step 4. Use a map for recording your favorite places, and for arranging to meet others in new places.

Step 5. Set up the SOS button so you can act with a minimum of words: Give it a meaning of your own choice.

Do you want to really take care of your children, and to always know where they are, but without intruding too much on their personal space?

Step 1. Enable “Child Mode” on the map. This ensures that your child cannot turn off visibility or leave a group.

Step 2. Invite your kids to a chat. In it you can wish them a good morning, plan the weekend together, ask about some important thing, or assign chores and monitor their completion.

Step 3. Set the location recording feature. Now you’ll know where your children were and at what time today, or a week or two ago.

Step 4. Set the SOS button, which is a widget or a push notification. To trigger it, you don’t need to unlock the phone or open the app: The button is located on the lock screen. Your child can send an emergency alert to all family members from a point on the map in a fraction of a second, and you can answer or take action just as fast.

Are you concerned about elderly parents, and do you worry that you can’t always be nearby? Do you want them to be safe, without having to worry that they are safe and well?

Step 1. Set a feature to record where they go and to receive notifications about selected locations. You’ll always know where your parents are and what they’re doing: Without mentioning it to anyone, they’ve gone to their vacation cottage, or to the clinic, or have gone back home.

Step 2. Invite your parents to a chat. They can ask you for help at any time, and you can remind them about something important and make sure they’ve heard you. “Mom, take your pills.” “Son, bring the groceries and please stop by the pharmacy.”

Step 3. Set up the SOS button. Elderly people have a hard time using modern phones. And in a critical situation it’s not possible at all. You can relax knowing that your loved ones can send you an emergency alert in a second, without having to waste valuable time unlocking their phone and dialing a number.

Do you run a business? Are you exchanging message details or confidential information that could cost you money or your career?

Step 1. Create a circle with one or several members. Each circle is separate. You communicate and exchange information only within the group. Nobody can join it without your consent.

Step 2. Set a timer for auto-deletion of your messages. All messages and files will be automatically deleted from your phone as often as needed. The meta-data will be deleted along with them, so tracing the time and sender will be impossible.

Step 3. Share files of any type or size, from a text document to a company’s annual report with video attachments.

Want to become a trend-setter? To give your content an exclusive value that millions will hope to subscribe to?

Step 1. Create a private club just for selected followers. It will be your own social network that people can join only with a unique invitation that is valid only once, and for only one hour.

Step 2. Publish content with no limits or obstructions. Add or exclude chats, hold videoconferences, or marathons, and share files in any volume. You set the rules of the game yourself.

Step 3. Give your content a special value. Share information only with those who are prepared to pay for it. Let your product bring profit to you, and only to you.

Step 4. Protect your intellectual property. Encryption systems will protect your data from undesired access. An auto-deletion timer for messages guarantees that your content will remain exclusive: Deleted information cannot be restored.

FamilyGo. Nothing extra

Is this situation familiar?

The world of open data is turning our life into a marketplace, often without asking our permission. The principle of FamilyGo is: What’s private remains private!

Advertising is absent within the application, as well as outside it: Your contacts, interests, and searches are not used for marketing purposes. You remain just in the circle of family and loved ones, where you feel comfortable and protected.

Three Reasons to Install FamilyGo


It’s anonymous. You don’t need to register in the app with your phone number or create an account with your personal data.


It’s confidential. Your secrets remain just with you: Messages are stored in encrypted form, only on your devices, for a limited length of time.


It’s safe. The app does not have access to your contacts, and members of your circle cannot be identified by name or GPS.

How much are your peace of mind and safety worth?

Safety, protection, and monitoring one’s private life can be simple and convenient, so you can save your energy for more important things.

1 month - $3.99

1 year - $39.90


  • Create an unlimited number of groups
  • Group chat, sharing files and images
  • Audio and video calls
  • Setting tasks and managing them within a group
  • Child mode

* After installing the application, the system will ask you to link the card. Next, you get a 7-day free trial period during which you can cancel subscription. You may do that in Profile/Subscription/ Subscription Cancellation Instructions. Then you can continue to use free features off the app.

How to Install the App

1. Download the app in any app store.
2. Create a group and invite members to it by sending an app code to a guest.
3. Pay for a subscription and use all the features with no limits.

If you want to think it over, try out the app, and evaluate it, there’s a 14-day trial period, when you can use all the features for free.